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Yellow Cabs Delivery

We’ve partnered with Yellow Cabs so that if you don’t fancy driving to your nearest Shack, you can have your meal delivered to your door.



1. Order from your nearest Shack via Click & Collect.

2. Using Yellow Cabs app (or by calling 888888), book a taxi for the chosen Shack’s address and time slot for pick-up. Make sure you note your delivery address, and use the same name as the food and drink order. You can drop a pin to select pick up and delivery address, or visit our locations page for the info.

3. Pay for the taxi when your order arrives at home.

4. Eat, drink and relax.


If you order using the Yellow Cabs app (download at you can track the car picking up and delivering your order to watch your food on its way to you!

We are a prestige partner of Yellow Cabs, so your pick up will be prioritised, but please order and book early to ensure a taxi is available. You can calculate an estimate of the delivery charge here.



We want to have a regulated service to make sure we can be confident that the food stays safe from our kitchen to your table.

We know taxi fares in Jersey aren’t cheap, but the cost won’t be too significant if you pick a restaurant near to your house (and you can check the cost in advance, using Yellow Cabs’ fare estimator!) It’s also a great way to support the island’s taxi industry.

We’ve reduced our prices by around 25% for food, and around 40% for drinks – so even if you’re paying for delivery, we feel it still offers good value.


We wanted to make sure that our food is delivered by an experienced, regulated team.


Our largest table size available is for eight people. Unfortunately we are unable to allocate more than one table per booking and will not be able to honour multiple bookings for the same party.
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