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We recently spoke to the owner of a small business which had re-opened and she told us how she hadn’t had many customers and had difficulties applying for support. It was obvious the stress she was under and also how difficult it was for her to get the message out she was open and deal with the challenges of finances and social distancing on her business. It struck us that larger businesses could easily provide some marketing support and practical advice to help get smaller retail and service business up and running.

Jersey Crab Shack, part of JPRestaurants, is a neighbourhood restaurant, so we wanted to help a few businesses that are in our neighbourhood. We’ve got our own huge challenges from Covid-19 but with a bigger team, we can spread the burden. Small business owners don’t have that luxury.

To help our community, we’ve chosen a couple of small businesses in each of the three parishes where we have restaurants so we can help them to get their message out. We’ve collaborated with Andy Le Gresley, local photographer, to get some shots that represent them, and we’ll be posting these on our social media, and also helping with any practical or Marketing advice where we can.

The businesses we’re working with are:

Please do consider supporting Jersey’s wonderful small businesses – this is a difficult and stressful time for everyone, but Jersey has a strong island community and we’ll get through this by looking out for each other!



  • Smile Laundry Gorey

  • Tel: +44(0)1534 840797
  • Open 10am – 2pm (Monday to Wednesday, Friday)
  • 8am – 12pm (Thursday and Saturday)
  • Located in Gorey, Smile Laundry offers laundry and ironing services, repairs, alterations and dry cleaning.
  • Dalila and the team are taking all the necessary precautions to keep customers safe, and can’t wait to have your clothes looking fresh and fabulous.




  • The Kitchen Cupboard


  • Tel: +44(0)7797 720094
  • Open 9am – 5pm daily
  • The Kitchen Cupboard at Charing Cross is a one-stop shop for all your specialist food and baking supplies.
  • Philippa and the team stock everything you could need, including dairy free, gluten free, vegan and organic (or dried fruit and sweet things, if you need a treat!)




  • West Collections St Brelade


  • Tel: +44(0)1534 491342
  • Open 10am – 4pm, Monday to Saturday
  • Conveniently located at Les Quennevais Precinct, West Collections has everything you need to brighten up your summer wardrobe, as well as an extensive range of gifts and lifestyle products.
  • Pop in and see Deirdre, or get in touch through West Collections’ Facebook page for further information.




  • Tina Chatterley Psychotherapy Jersey


  • Tel: +44(0)1534 486989
  • Appointments available at a time to suit you (contact Tina for details)
  • Tina offers practical and emotional support to help improve both your personal and your professional life. Providing help in a range of areas, including stress and anxiety management; reconnecting relationships; processing trauma; and developing confidence, Tina is ready to offer socially-distanced sessions as soon as restrictions allow. She is currently providing phone and video consultations at a reduced rate.




  • Greencliff and Health Point Clinics


  • Tel: +44(0)1534 852039
  • Contact Greencliff or Health Point Clinic for appointment details
  • Family team Olivia (Chiropractor) and Lorna (Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist) help to relieve pain and improve general health and wellbeing for people of all ages. With clinics in St Martin and St Helier, they are ready to offer in-person consultations as soon as restrictions allow. They may look a little different when you next see them, but they’ll be smiling under their face masks as they help you with all your pain management and stress relief needs.


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