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The gym is packed with people, there’s a sale on in every shop you pass, and the mince pies have been replaced with healthy food at the supermarket: another year has started, and as the new decade begins, lots of us are thinking about eating more healthily. Maybe you’d like to lose weight, or want to have a more balanced diet. Or perhaps you’re doing Veganuary, trying to eat more sustainably, or even embarking on a new vegan lifestyle.

These kinds of changes can be easy at first, but the year goes on, it can be difficult to keep things up. Making a spinach smoothie every morning might have seemed appealing on New Year’s Day, but by now, grabbing a slice of toast or a croissant is actually far more convenient. And prepping a week’s worth of vegan-friendly meals might have once seemed like a great idea, but now it’s hard to find the time (and who really has space in their fridge for all that Tupperware?)

Eating healthily can also make it difficult to keep up with your social calendar: with so many get-togethers centred around food, it can be hard to know how to stick to your goals without missing out. And dining in a restaurant can be particularly tricky, especially if you’re unsure about portion sizes, or can’t work out exactly what’s in each dish.

At Jersey Crab Shack, we try to make it as easy as possible if you want to eat healthily when you visit us. We plan our portion sizes carefully, aiming to keep all of our dishes balanced. We give detailed descriptions on our menus to help to give you a clear idea of what’s in our dishes. And we offer a range of vegan, vegetarian, and low-carb dishes, so that you can still make healthy choices when you’re eating out in Jersey.

Take our salads, for example: salad might sometimes seem boring, but ours are packed with flavour, colour and variety. Our Salade Composée, which can be ordered as a small plate or as a main dish, is packed with super foods like avocado, sweet potato and roast beetroot, and also comes with mixed seeds to help fill you up. Or if you’re looking for something different, our Beetroot Buddha Bowl is a great choice, with beetroot hummus, butternut squash, pumpkin seeds, avocado and a tasty pomegranate dressing. You can even add grilled chicken or king prawns, if you want some extra protein.

If crab is your favourite, we also have a simple Crab Salad, with tasty avocado, seeds and sweetcorn; or our popular Crab Taco with chilli and red onion salad. Or if you’re craving a burger, but cutting back on carbs, why not try our Burger Salad? With a tasty beef burger, Red Leicester cheese and crispy bacon, it includes everything you love about a burger, without the bun.

We also have lots of choices for vegans and vegetarians, such as our 100% plant-based Vegan Burger: served in a pretzel bun with vegan cheese and spicy sriracha mayonnaise, it’s both meat-free and delicious. Or how about our Punjabi Lentil Curry, with mango chutney and mini poppadums? Perfect for when you want something vegan-friendly, that will keep you feeling full on a dull January day.

If eating more sustainably is your goal, you can rest assured that all of our ingredients are carefully sourced, selected and prepared. We take pride in sourcing our food sustainably; buying local ingredients where possible, but also taking into account the environmental impact and welfare practices of our suppliers. We also invest in environmental initiatives, like cutting single-use plastics, and using electric kitchens to reduce our use of carbon fuels. And we provide transparency about what’s in our food and where it comes from, offering a complete Allergen Menu to give our guests confidence when they choose from our menus.

All of our restaurants also have a five-star Eat Safe Jersey rating, demonstrating our commitment to food hygiene and safety, and we regularly carry out checks with our suppliers to make sure that our ingredients are handled safely before they reach us. So whatever you eat when you visit Jersey Crab Shack, you can be sure that it’s been prepared safely, using only high quality ingredients.

Whatever your plans are for 2020, if you’re looking for healthy, tasty and varied food in Jersey, we’ve got you covered at Jersey Crab Shack. So whether it’s a night out with friends, a catch-up with colleagues, or a meal out with family, why not pay us a visit for some nutritious tasty food?

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